Save up to 80% at GAP! Tips and Tricks | Belleview Cottage

How to Save 80% at GAP! Tips and tricks for major savings.

I loooove buying baby and kids clothes, so this post focuses on my most recent GAP purchase for my toddler and my baby. But these tips and tricks apply to adult clothing too! (You can also use these tips to save at Old Navy, Banana Republic, and similar stores.) The following information might seem like an advertisement for these stores, but I’m just a bargain shopper showing you how to save big money like I do! <I don’t have any blog sponsors ;-)>

Save up to 80% at GAP! Tips and Tricks | Belleview Cottage

First, I will outline the general steps it takes to save big. Then I will show you exactly how I saved up to 81% off on my last GAP order. And I will show you pics of the cute stuff I got with my mega savings, so keep scrolling down! Continue reading


Newborn Cloth Diaper Reviews: Which diaper is best?

Newborn Cloth Diaper Reviews: Which diaper is best? | Belleview CottageConfession: I am a cloth diaper addict. It seems a weird thing to be addicted to… fancy poop catchers. Nevertheless, cloth diapers come in so many cute colors and patterns, that I enjoy buying new cloth diapers as much as buying cute baby and toddler outfits for my boys. Maybe even more…. (Don’t believe me, check out my Instagram feed.) Continue reading

A *REAL* Day in the Life of a Stay-At-Home-Mom: As told by Instagram, Facebook, and #hashtags

I love sharing pictures of my adventures and of my kids being cute on Instagram and Facebook. It normally goes something like this:

A *REAL* Day in the Life of a Stay-At-Home-Mom: As told by Instagram, Facebook, and #hashtags

#adorable #blessed #lifeisgood

Yesterday I posted some #reallife pics (a.k.a. not just the happy, cute stuff) on Instagram, and I was inspired to share with you the full (glamorous) story of my day at home with the boys. This is the real deal. #uncensored Continue reading

Essential Oils for Labor & Delivery: A Natural Birth Story

I am excited to share with you how I used essential oils during labor and delivery for my second natural birth! Two years ago, my first son was born in an epidural-free birth, but I did not know about essential oils back then. After using essential oils during my second son’s birth (three weeks ago), I am convinced that the oils made a helpful difference.

These are the essential oils and other Young Living products I packed in my hospital bag. I knew I wouldn’t use all of them, but I wanted to be prepared for different issues that might pop up.

Essential Oils for Labor & Delivery - Childbirth

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Reusable cloth baby wipes | Belleview Cottage

DIY Baby Wipe Solution Using Essential Oils… to protect your little one from the chemicals in conventional diaper wipes

How to make your own all-natural baby wipes - an easy DIY recipe!

Sadly, most baby wipes on the shelves in stores contain chemicals. Some are even harmful chemicals. So, to avoid exposing their baby’s sensitive little parts to chemicals, many people are making their own diaper wipe solution using all-natural ingredients.

This news article explains that chemicals in baby wipes are causing alarming allergic reactions (very sad).

You can make your own disposable baby wipes using a DIY solution and strong yet soft paper towels (such as Viva). If you cloth diaper your baby, reusable baby wipes are a wonderful option! You can just launder the baby wipes with your cloth diapers, and keep re-using them over & over again. Continue reading

DIY Sensory Play Box | Belleview Cottage

DIY Sensory Play Box

DIY Sensory Box | Belleview Cottage

This sensory play box is an easy way to introduce your toddler to sensory play!  Sensory play is an important way that babies and toddlers learn by experiencing the world through their senses.

Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates your young child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Sensory activities and sensory tables facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. Spending time stimulating their senses helps children develop cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally, physically and creatively.

Source: PBS Parents.

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Bowtie Cupcake Toppers | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

“Little Man” First Birthday Party!

Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

I am so excited to share with you a photo tour of our son’s first birthday party!  We chose a “little man” theme, with mustaches and bowties, which was so fun!  Enjoy the tour of our party and check out the tutorials and party ideas I have included below 🙂  I will also share where I found all kinds of great bargains on party supplies and decorations 🙂

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How to Organize and Store Kids’ Clothes: Life Hack

How to Organize & Store Kids' Clothes (Life Hack) | Belleview Cottage

Now that my son is almost a year old, we have amassed quite a collection of clothes he has grown out of.  I’m not ready to let them go, however, because we are planning on having more babies.  Until now, I had been storing the outfits in various bags as he grew out of them.  They were starting to take up a lot of space on the top shelf of his closet.

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