Save up to 80% at GAP! Tips and Tricks | Belleview Cottage

How to Save 80% at GAP! Tips and tricks for major savings.

I loooove buying baby and kids clothes, so this post focuses on my most recent GAP purchase for my toddler and my baby. But these tips and tricks apply to adult clothing too! (You can also use these tips to save at Old Navy, Banana Republic, and similar stores.) The following information might seem like an advertisement for these stores, but I’m just a bargain shopper showing you how to save big money like I do! <I don’t have any blog sponsors ;-)>

Save up to 80% at GAP! Tips and Tricks | Belleview Cottage

First, I will outline the general steps it takes to save big. Then I will show you exactly how I saved up to 81% off on my last GAP order. And I will show you pics of the cute stuff I got with my mega savings, so keep scrolling down! Continue reading


How to Organize and Store Kids’ Clothes: Life Hack

How to Organize & Store Kids' Clothes (Life Hack) | Belleview Cottage

Now that my son is almost a year old, we have amassed quite a collection of clothes he has grown out of.  I’m not ready to let them go, however, because we are planning on having more babies.  Until now, I had been storing the outfits in various bags as he grew out of them.  They were starting to take up a lot of space on the top shelf of his closet.

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